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Whole Life

In everything we do we have the whole life of a structure at the heart of the decision made to apply our technology to achieve a system of quality. In this sense we are not prescriptive and prefer the diversity of our product range to best fit the task at hand. Continuous performance monitoring of installed systems provides the opportunity to track the service life of your structure.

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Discover our zones and find out more about what we can do for you at C-Probe.

Zones covered:
Heritage, Marine, Utilities, Transportation and Reinfoced Concrete Buildings.

Our Company

C-Probe has been developing and proving technology for over 20 years in answer to the industry’s need for delivering high quality and durable structures for their whole life.

Our aim is to provide products in packaged solutions to apply to existing structural issues or, better still, pre-empt the development of problems by controlling corrosion, chemical attack, fire and overall environmental damage.



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