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What is AiMS?

Performance reassurance at your fingertips AiMS is the Achilles interactive Management Server a facility provided by C-Probe Systems Limited to Clients who have installed a network management system from the Achilles Suite of Structural Healthcare Systems.

The facility is accessed using the internet but through secure password controls. AiMS provides remote access to CAD archive and intelligent reporting for corrosion monitoring and control of structures.

It can be used for single structure management or built-up to provide infrastructure management of, for example, a local authority’s reinforced concrete bridge stock or a private client’s portfolio of building assets.

The owner can provide access to information for third party opinion on performance or use the facility as the means to provide due diligence information on corrosion prevention during the sale of a building.

How it Works – An eye within your structure An owner’s AiMS site is accessed through the AiMS Login via the main navigation bar of this website.

A username and password must be entered at the secure login page before access to the portfolio of structures can be provided. Passwords may be changed regularly by applying in writing or online to C-Probe Systems Limited, subject to security checks being made.

Once into the Client portfolio page the specific structure can be accessed by clicking on the thumbnail photograph of the bridge, building or utility.

Information is stored relating to the installation archive (Installation & Commissioning reports, as-built CAD drawings, Operational data and Performance Reports). The CAD drawings can be manipulated to zoom into installation features, such as probe positions, anode layouts, wiring routes etc.

Access to reporting begins with an Executive Summary Home Page that overviews the whole structure
performance in a dashboard “traffic-light” format analysed in accordance with the current industry standards. It also
allows you to easily drill down to individual zones and probe positions for a running observation of location performance.

The Performance Reports are viewed in pdf format or you can use the drill-in features to sub-analyse zones and monitoring points.

These reports are refreshed every quarter with information uploaded from the on-site Achilles system that has been recorded according to an agreed schedule. Normally data are measured daily, weekly or monthly depending on the type of measurement being made and all this data is arranged in refreshed tables and graphs on a quarterly basis.

AiMS is also the access point for service life tracking (SLT) developed from the corrosion rate measurements routinely accessed from embedded positions on your structure.

This provides the user with organised data from which to make critical structure management decisions or have the latest report to use for due diligence during a sale/purchase.

An annual audit is performed and added to the archive for review at the user’s timing.

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