C-Probe’s Highlights from the Offsite Show 2023

C-Probe Systems recently exhibited at the Offsite Show 2023 based at the London ExCeL and were gold sponsors of the Buildoffsite Innovation Hub. The exhibition created an opportunity for construction professionals to share knowledge through presentations and networking around adopting innovation and modern methods of construction. Both are incredibly important as the sector transitions towards more sustainable methods and achieving important milestones like NetZero.

Day one of the exhibition focused on presentations on the Buildoffsite Theatre, with Graeme Jones, MD of C-Probe Systems, delivering two across the day. The first, Can offsite make a concrete change with low carbon precast?, was a panel style discussion with industry experts from the likes of C-Probe, Amcrete, Mott Macdonald and Laing O’Rourke. We highlighted the use of our alkali activated cementitious (AACM geopolymer) anode mortar, which is used for the preservation of existing infrastructure through corrosion control by forming a full resilience management system with embeddable probes and remote monitoring.

Graeme went onto highlight the successes learnt within the restoration sector, and how these can be applied to new construction through a modular impressed current cathodic protection (ICCP) component which is attached on the steel rebar before cement is poured. The LoCem® Modular Anode Unit (MAU) would create sustainable resilience for new infrastructure due to control of corrosion. This means prevention of structural disrepair and preservation of the embodied carbon created in the construction processes.

Graeme Jones commented during the session:

The opportunity to add a ‘kit of parts’ that manages [structural] resilience is an innovation and is not used as a norm [currently in the sector]. Everything is now in place to build a structure that doesn’t deteriorate in the long-term, and it starts with low carbon materials.

The next presentation, Corrosion and Extending Asset Lifespan, was presented later in Day 1 and at the Concrete Expo. The presentation focused on the issue of corrosion itself, the social and financial effects structural disrepair has and the technology that is available to control this. Key facts were highlighted during the presentation such as:

  • 70% of infrastructure damage is caused by corrosion (NACE Impact Report, 2016)

  • This translates to 3.4% of GDP lost each year in each country due to corrosion damage.

Using repurposed industrial wastes for replacing concrete, such as LoCem®, and for corrosion control also repurposes previous embodied carbon rather than producing new materials. Alongside this, existing structures and new structures are protected through corrosion management methods that can assure service life and preserve embodied carbon for over 100 years. The Offsite Show provided a great space for a range of professionals to get together who are eager to drive change in the construction sector. For C-Probe, we want to achieve that through a componentised kit of parts for use in new construction. The ability to provide corrosion protection from day one of a structure’s construction will prevent future disrepair with all the same sustainability and ESG benefits. We look forward to seeing further progression and updates at the new UK Construction Week in the upcoming October!

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