We pride ourselves
in our development
of low carbon &
sustainable products

C-Probe was founded in 1994 by Graeme Jones, Managing Director, as a corrosion monitoring and management business, targeting restoration of existing structures in the construction sector. We have grown significantly over the years, watching our products and technology develop into effective, low-carbon solutions for effective repair, protection and monitoring of structures.

By the 2000’s, C-Probe Systems Ltd had an established track record with over 80 installations of management systems and internet management contracts, which was aided through the development of our Achilles Network and sensor technology, giving clients real-time insight and control over their assets.

Looking to develop our technology and market offering further, we commissioned a PhD at Sheffield Hallam University (2010-13), which developed a multi-functional, fireproof carbon fibre strengthening and Impressed Current Cathodic Protection (ICCP) composite system. From this we developed a range of geopolymer mortar and concrete technology (LoCem®), which was initially installed at a trial site at Leeds Civic Hall and first full commercial contract at The Commerce Bank (Kansas City) as our LoCem +point® anode mortar.

Our product range has grown significantly since then and have been a part of global projects, providing whole life performance solutions. We produce low carbon alkali-activated cementitious restoration materials (AACMs) for galvanic, hybrid and impressed current anode applications to recognized standards – EN 1504 and ISO 12696:2016 – that repair, protect and strengthen structures which are low-carbon and sustainable in their manufacture from cradle to gate. Our sustainable AACMs can also be used within the New Build sector to prevent future problems by controlling corrosion and building resistance to chemicals and fire from the birth of the structure. This is what our WoWSmart® range of products revolves around and are fully accredited to BSI PAS8820:2016 standards offering over 80% CO2e reduction compared to Portland cement equivalents.

Our products can also combined with embedding monitoring devices, to alert clients to problems before they occur, to networks of management tools for complex infrastructure assessment that provide multifunctional (interoperable) platforms for control and performance information. These systems can manage your structure from cradle to grave providing reassurance and data on your structure’s performance.

Our production is based in St Helens, UK where our manufacturing facility is lean, clean and green. It offers a breath of fresh air to produce AACM geopolymer cement binders that inspire confidence in durable structural health care and contribute to a healthy planet in which to live.

Our facility is where our products become systems, which then become whole life solutions!

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