We pride ourselves
in our development
of low carbon &
sustainable products

At C-Probe we pride ourselves in our development of low carbon & sustainable products that provide durable protection to structures that can suffer from deterioration due to the environment (corrosion and chemical attack) or catastrophic events such as fire.

Our products range from simply embedding monitoring devices to alert problems before they occur to networks of management tools for complex infrastructure assessment that provide multifunctional (interoperable) platforms for control and performance information. These systems can manage your structure from cradle to grave.

We offer low carbon alkali-activated cementitious restoration materials for galvanic, hybrid and impressed current anode applications to recognized standards – EN 1504 and ISO 12696:2012 – that repair, protect and strengthen structures which are low carbon and sustainable in their manufacture from cradle to gate.

We offer low carbon, alkali activated cementitious build materials to BSI PAS8820:2016 that aim to prevent future problems from developing by control of corrosion and resistance to chemicals and fire from the birth of the structure in our wow smart range of products!

Our St Helens manufacturing facility is lean, clean and green and offers a breath of fresh air for the production of cement binders that inspire confidence in durable structural health care and contribute to a healthy planet in which to live.



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