Achilles Interactive Management Server (AiMS)

These networks are managed online securely using the Achilles interactive Management Server (AiMS) to provide resilience information and on a daily, monthly and annual basis for the whole life performance of the protected asset.

AiMS is an online performance management facility, which acts as an eye within the structure for asset owners through structural health monitoring. Corrosion and protection data are accessed remotely to clients and help to detect corrosion initiation and propagation that are commonly noticed when the damage is too significant, which then becomes its ‘Achilles’ heel’. AiMS is also the remote-control facility for operating and managing impressed current cathodic protection (ICCP) systems to provide sustainable resilience to reinforced concrete and masonry assets. AiMS takes the data from the corrosion rate monitoring accessed with open network electronics (Achilles Suite of Structural Healthcare Systems).

C-Probe is uniquely placed to help you design and deliver service life extension to existing infrastructure as well as planning to avoid issues arising in new structures through futureproofing with our technology.

This ensures that the value of your asset remains as high as possible for as long as possible with low carbon sustainability and service life tracking at the heart of the design through online performance reporting and control with AiMS.

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