LoCem ®

Smart, low carbon and sustainable monitoring, build, repair and protection materials when designed into a structural solution can produce a managed structure that provides continuous online performance information and control of its future.

Our technology centres on LoCem® that is a family of low carbon alkali-activated cementitious (geopolymer) materials (AACMs) that are manufactured by C-Probe to provide resilient repair mortars, anode mortars and concretes used to enhance the durability of existing and new structures.

LoCem® products offer improved resistance to ASR, freeze-thaw and chemical attack (acids) whilst providing excellent physical and mechanical characteristics, such as:

  • Compressive strengths (mix designs up to 60N/mm2)
  • Flexural strength (to 8N/mm2)
  • Workability (from 10mins to 2hours)
  • Ultra-low resistivity of anode materials (2.5-3kohm.cm)
  • Fireproof to EN1363-1 (at least 5 hours at 1200C with only 140C heat Ytransference at 150mm thick)
  • Ultra-low or no shrinkage

In addition our mix designs use less water (water: binder ratio typically of 0.2) within the alkali activator that when mixed with the AACM powder hardens not by hydration but by polycondensation reaction that yields a resilient aluminosilicate concrete with all the improved characteristics outlined above.

We design protection systems to BS EN ISO 15257:2019 Level 4 cathodic protection accreditation with qualified site professional cathodic protection test engineers skilled to Level 3 of the same standard. These designs evolve from state-of-the-art condition surveys aimed at identifying the root cause of problems before identifying the most cost-effective method to mitigate these issues and providing long-term durable and sustainable system solutions.

If you require an early stage survey before designing your system then contact our sister company Structural Healthcare Limited by visiting www.structuralhealthcare.com and they will be happy to discuss their support services with you.


These restoration materials take advantage of the range of corrosion protection products that utilise the low carbon innocations of LoCem®.

View our products:

An alkali-activated cementitious powder formulation (AACM) which can be used as repair or anode material.
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Galvanic anode with Conductive Packing Mortar (CPM)
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Galvanic and impressed (GI) combination anodes
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ICCP anode mortar for reinforced concrete applications
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ICCP repointing anode mortar for heritage stone and brick buildings
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ICCP spray concrete ICCP anode for infrastructure applications
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New Build

For New Build we can incorporate LoCem® as either a replacement concrete alternative to Portland or alongside Portland constructions in accordance with BSI PAS8820:2016.

View our products:

A factory-made moulded ICCP component that can be attached in an array directly to steel reinforcement prior to pouring the concrete.
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