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C-Probe’s support services are available where and when you need them and are as comprehensive as you need them to be.

We are however not a contractor but do perform under sub-contracts to the main (general) contractor.

In summary we can act in the following stages of the contract and have appropriate corporate insurances for all our activities:




Condition survey of the front elevation at 37 Fleet Street, London to identify and quantify wrought iron stone cramps and pins with a view to applying ICCP for long-term control of corrosion. Photos courtesy of GB Geotechnics.

  • Pre-contract corrosion surveys, including half-cell  potential mapping, chemical testing and site specific  requirements. • Conceptual design and budget support
  • Bid specifications and system designs
  • Through contract advice and system testing
  • System electrical terminations
  • System testing, pre-commissioning and commissioning
  • System operation and reporting (see AiMS) We appreciate that you may have some of these capabilities already and will happily fit our services to meet your commercial requirements.


Half-cell potential contour map of parking deck clearly identifying corrosion risk to drive lanes and parking bays derived from use of a potential wheel survey.



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