C-Probe support
services are available
where you need them
from cradle to grave

C-Probe’s support services are available where and when you need them and are as comprehensive as you need them to be. Our services and products maintain resilience in existing structures to significantly extend service life, by at least 25 years, through corrosion management. These systems dovetail with wider concrete and masonry repair schemes and we can implement monitoring systems to report performance into the future. Our products make up the Achilles Suite of Structural Healthcare Systems with monitoring probes, electronics and online remote control and reporting (AiMS).

We work in partnership with our sister company, Structural Healthcare, who can carry out a range of corrosion surveys and testing, and the bespoke design of corrosion management systems for specific structures. After Structural Healthcare has done their part, our products are integrated into the process, creating the corrosion management system, and using our LoCem® technology (low-carbon alkali-activated cementitious geopolymer materials) to provide resilient repair mortars, anode mortars and concretes used to enhance the durability of existing and new structures.

As well as working in the Restoration market, our geopolymer binder cements have been successfully trialled has successfully trialled in the New Build market as sprayed, precast and ready-mix concrete construction materials.

Our services are fully sustainable, as our geopolymer materials are manufactured by cold blending from recycled/ waste raw materials, embracing the growing requirements in the cement industry for low-carbon build materials that provide carbon emission reductions of greater than 80% compared to ordinary Portland cement equivalents.

We are, however, not a contractor but do perform under sub-contracts to support the main (general) and specialist repair contractor. In summary, we can act in the following stages of the contract and have appropriate corporate insurances for all our activities:

  • Contractor support with design implementation
  • Onsite technical advice
  • Testing
  • Thorough contract advice and system testing
  • System electrical terminations
  • System testing, pre-commissioning and commissioning to BS EN ISO 12696:2016
  • Year 1 system operation and reporting (see AiMS), before handing back to Structural Healthcare for long-term management.

We appreciate that you may have some of these capabilities already and will happily fit our services to meet your commercial requirements.

Get in touch with any questions, queries or potential projects.