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Corrosion is prevalent throughout the transportation infrastructure but the good news is we can be intelligent in how we tackle the problems to reinforced concrete structures.

Our products are aimed at providing durable protection and choice.

C-Puck galvanic anodes can be used within repair patches to ensure these concrete repairs last the test of time. You can monitor these using the C-Probe AchilleGCP network management system if you prefer to plan for the moment where consumption of the anode is known before new problems re-appear.

You can always choose to protect using our alkali-activated geopolymer ICCP anode materials and control the corrosion problem for its service life and avoid the need to replace the anode material. Our AchillesICP network management system will be on hand for remotely control and performance assessment to meet international standards.

Alternatively, you can have the best of both worlds with the C-Probe Carro+ galvanic/ impressed (GI) anode system where a choice of mode of operation provides an initial impressed current boost to the structure before allowing the galvanic anode to provide the next 15 years of protection but maintaining the comforting thought that the system can be switched to ICCP mode any time the structure needs another boost or permanent operation. Scheduling the permanent installation of the AchillesICP network management system can provide a significant impact to the capital expenditure of the facility.

If you are simply looking to delay the onset of corrosion then surface-applied corrosion inhibitors if applied correctly can give a useful service life extension to structural elements. Monitoring such solutions with C-Probe’s AchillesIES management system and AiMS will provide a means to track the service life the performance of the product but also its effect on the structure.

For structural elements especially feeling the effects of age, environmental impact or you are looking for seismic strengthening and protection then our fireproof FRP with ICCP anode capability may be what is needed.

Case Studies &

River Avon Viaduct

River Avon Viaduct carried the M1 motorway at the busy intersection at Catthorpe Interchange. The half-joints have been protected since 1998 using a discrete anode ICCP system and controlled using the AchillesICP / AiMS management system.

Case Study

Interstate 295

C-Probe designed and installed a bridge deck evaluation system to assess the performance of surface-applied corrosion inhibitors to 6 bridges and comparing to 2 control structures where no inhibitor was applied. In the UK C-Probe assessed the use of SACI to 9 bridges on the A1 and M1 arterial roads.

Case Study

Channel Tunnel

Corrosion rate probes were installed in 1989 during the construction of the Channel Tunnel to assess the effects of any stray current arising from the catenary lines over reinforced earth structures.

Case Study

Bervie Jubilee Bridge

ICCP was used to protect cantilever beams, half-joints and suspended slab elements making up the support to the deck of this heritage bridge.


Case Study


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