In everything we do
we have the whole life
of a structure at the
heart of a decision.

In everything we do we have the whole life of a structure at the heart of the decision made to apply our technology to achieve a system of quality. In this sense we are not prescriptive and prefer the diversity of our product range to best fit the task at hand.

For restoration projects the problems have usually progressed for some time and as such the intervention moment can dictate the solutions that are relevant. Our systems will assess the performance of all solutions expected to perform to EN1504 and the ACI/ ICRI Concrete and Masonry Repair Guides.

Service Life Tracking

A unique selling point with C-Probe’s systems is with the use of corrosion rate monitoring that has allowed us to develop our Service Life Tracking module on AiMS that will provide vital information on the performance of the installed system but crucially interpreting often complex scientific data to language we all understand… how long will my structure continue to provide service.

In due diligence, whether for public knowledge or private sale, this is information that can provide comfort and knowledge in equal measure and so ensure the value of the asset.

Low Carbon Life Cycle Cost Analysis



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